Monday, December 13, 2010

In which I share my thoughts:

1. I love my kids.  Like, I really really love my kids.  They are so impressionable that I am forced to be the best person I can possibly be so that they can grow up to be the best people they can possibly be.  It's a weighty responsibility on my shoulders that I take very helps that they are cutest kids I've ever laid eyes on so it's not too hard to be good around them.

2. I procrastinate.  A lot. I am unleashing my thoughts so I can have a good reason not to clean our messy messy house while these children nap.

3.  Remember my dilemma about Santa?  Our, i.e. my, official decision concerning Santa is that we are going to enjoy Santa as long as the kids want to believe in the magic.  Once THE question is asked, we will tell the truth and proceed from there.  Sounds good to me.

4. My father-in-law is sweet.  He saved two articles from The Wall Street Journal for me.  The topics?  Using self-hypnosis with natural childbirth and food allergies in children.  The natural childbirth article totally made my day.....I plan on expounding upon this article at a later date.

5.  Liza's birth story is a featured post on Alternative Mama's blog.  Like me, she aims to normalize natural childbirth and breastfeeding.  I really like her blog and totally get her obsession with all things natural childbirth.

6. I love my husband and I love that we celebrate our 5th anniversary this Friday.  Mysteriously, I also love that since our anniversary is so close to Christmas we never exchange gifts.

7. A new hobby of mine is to heat up the leftover morning coffee and drink it while the kids nap.  I really like coffee and it seems to taste even better knowing that I am drinking up every last drop without any wasted coffee.  Even I find this strange.

8. Liza has graduated to playing on a soft pallet on the floor while surrounded by little baby toys.  She prefers standing in the ring sling and her legs are big enough so she doesn't have to sit like a froggy in the Ergo.  It's a
mystery to me how someone so tiny can still seem so big.

9. My sister sent Liza some super sweet felt hairclips from Etsy.  Sadly, she doesn't her hair isn't thick enough to hold the clips in just yet.  Once I pried them out of Henry's grubby little hands, "my bow my bow", I stowed them safely away to try again in a few months.

10. Henry naps last almost 4 hours long most days.  Yeah.  I love it.


childsplay said...

OH NO!!! but I sent them early so that the snowman will be cute...I guess that's what happens when a momma of a girl with NO hair trys to by clippies....

Frank said...

Since you are living in the house that Santa came to visit me in let me tell you how Santa got into the house. Well, as you know there isn't a chimney for him to come down so we left the front door unlocked so he could come in. I would have to check the door before I went to bed on Christmas Eve so that I knew he could get in. You can use this as I know it works!

The Petrolias said...

I reheat my coffee at nap time, too! And, I love this post!

Imogen ( said...

Thanks for the plug ;)

Hehe, great post! I totally get your Santa dilemma. It's something i've been agonising over, too. we've decided to talk about the 'magic' of father christmas but not to portray him as a real person. its a really hard choice to make.

Courtney said...

If you have some velcro (and who doesn't have some spare velcro laying around) you can hot glue the soft side into the inside of the clippie, and it should hold her hair. Ditto with those rubbery mat things that some people put in kitchen drawers.