Thursday, December 16, 2010

dolly mama.

I confess:
 I am a "birth junkie".

Birth videos on youtube.
Orally revising "big brother" books to include homebirth and breastfeeding.
My facebook news feed is chock full of pages for lactivists and natural childbirth advocates.

So you can only imagine my excitement when I saw this doll by MamAmor online:

Cute, right?
I really love the baby tied tight in the sling.
It makes me think of how teeny Liza used to be in our sling.

Just wait.
It gets better.

See that cute round baby belly?

And, you guessed it......
that baby doesn't stay in the belly for long.

What birth is complete without an umbilical cord and a healthy placenta?

I wonder if that dolly mama plans to
to use as her postpartum vitamin?

A snap for a mouth, you ask?
Only mama's milk for a baby doll born in the comfort of your own home.
I love this doll.
As in, I really love this doll.

What better way to show kids that 
childbirth and breastfeeding is a normal part of life
than to let them manipulate and playact with a dolly mama and her natural born baby?


Holly Claire Bigness said...

I love that doll!! I amy try to get Lera one for her birthday.
I had never heard about palcenta encapsulation before, suprisingly! Did you do anything with your placenta after liza's birth?
I have sadly lost my battle with the insurance company. I have to have an obgyn this time. I highly doubt he would save the placenta for me :(

TheDearmanFamily said...

Holly Claire,
My placenta is in the back of the freezer and actively begging for me to do something with it. Encapsulation is a lot of work and I lean towards the lazy side.....we are planning on burying it under a bush or tree at some point.

You *should* bey able to sign a release waiver at the hospital for your placenta. It's worth a try, esp since they will just throw it away.

BOO to no midwife!

Adventures In Babywearing said...
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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh I LOVE it!! I am the same way. Also, my placenta is in the freezer in the garage... for now!


Holly Claire Bigness said...

I agree that encapsulation sounds like a lot of work. I may ask around and see if anyone in town does it.
I am really sad about not having a midwife... really, really sad. But, I have a wonderful friend who is a fabulous doula and I plan on having a very direct and clear birth plan to share with my obgyn.
Thanks for always being there to talk babies, breastfeeding, and birth with me :)


Leigh said...

Oh so cool!

PandaBear said...

oh wow that is the coolest thing ever