Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our morning:

 Wake up at 7:00 am.
 Drink my coffee, shower, and get dressed.
 Tend to Henry's relentless pleas for food.
 Help Taylor buzz his head.
 Get the kids dressed in Christmas gear.
 Take pictures of kids dressed in their Christmas gear.
 Be thankful the ^ first picture ^ turned out so well because the photo session quickly devolved into tears.
 Put Liza down for one of her many cat naps.  She is quickly becoming our little napless wonder.
 Tend to Henry's relentless pleas for food.
 Grab the diaper bag, both kids and my checkbook and head to the Starkville Holiday Bazaar!
 Get to the Sportsplex, put Liza in the sling, remind Henry that he loves loves loves the umbrella stroller.
 Smile and thank every body we pass in the Bazaar for complimenting my precious children.
 Wish I had more snacks after Henry inhales his apple slices -- snacks = more shopping time
 Make several holiday gift purchases and wish I had lots of money to buy some fantastic local artwork.
 Go home.
 Tend to Henry's relentless pleas for food.
 Listen to Henry make Liza giggle in lieu of finishing his snack because finishing his snack means it is naptime.
 Throw Henry in the bed, shut the door and listen to him say "no na" approximately 3 times before crashing.
 Wear Liza in the Ergo so she will nap for more than 15 minutes.
 Clean our messy messy house and pack for two night at Pops and Meme's house in Madison.


I saw a former coworker last night who asked how I like being a stay-at-home-mom.  

I love it.

  She stayed home with her babies so she understands the life of a full-time mama. 

Then she asked if I ever got bored.

What do you think? 


Anonymous said...

I never get's non-stop chasing my wild 17 month old son all day :) It's a welcome breather when he finally crashes for a nap though. I will say that I do occasionally miss the adult interaction - which is partly due to not having a lot of friends with children here (or the few we do have are working). I do get lonely sometimes, but I wouldn't trade a second of that for what I have. I have loved every minute of staying home with my little boy and know I will miss him whenever I return to the working world.

TheDearmanFamily said...

Did I leave out the fact that naptime is the best time of the day? And, I am pretty sure I would go crazy without my mama friends.

What about the library story hour?