Friday, May 11, 2012


Since the inception of OMML, I've processed life's events by blogging and I know our miscarriage will be no different.  I will need a chunk of time to myself and readiness to cry my eyes out but I feel this baby's story deserves just as much love and attention as the births of Henry and Liza.  I'm not ready to write it all down but it is important for me to honor our little baby that wasn't born because he matters too.


Mr. Messy and I, independent of each other, decided this baby is "Baby Thomas" because Henry was insistent we were going to name our Christmas baby after that whiny ass train I can't stand.  It is the least we can do for our biggest little boy.

So, his story is important and I know it is important for me to get it out of my mind and through my computer as a part of my grieving and healing process.

To be continued...


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Laura. I hate Thomas the train but I love your sweet baby Thomas. Prayers for all of you during what I'm sure is a very hard time.

MSU AIGA said...

Baby Thomas will surely be missed. A friend of mine, who also miscarried her first child, once posted this link where you can include Thomas's name in a book of life with a candle ever burning in remembrance of him. 

This link is for a support group of families who have also lost their child and may be helpful in this moment of grief:

And as always, if you need us, you've got us.

Taylordearman said...

I must comment.  I support Henry's choice, and it is not Thomas, but rather Tomas.  His name in part comes from Tomas Maria Maassen, my great Dutch buddy.  Tomas.  ........