Friday, May 4, 2012

Back to blogging and our VERY BIG NEWS!

The last week of March 2012 was a very big deal.
I turned 30. 
I officially began my Birth Doula certification.  
I found out I am pregnant with baby #3 and due this December.

A big deal in deed.

Turning 30 was easy.  Being pregnant is fairly easy for me.  At least easy enough where I can't complain.  The sweet little thing was eagerly anticipated and our happy juices are still flowing at the thought of adding another precious face to our bunch.  The Doula certification was exciting but not easy in the beginning.  Especially considering Birth Arts International requires 5 births for certification and my plan is to finish everything up before I take my BabyMoon break at the beginning of November.  So, I began frantically working.  Working.  Working.  I have to admit, I impressed myself.  I knew there was much to do before I could open up for "business" and I did it.  At least enough to actively search for clients.  Much of the certification is incomplete but my paperwork and documents are ready for clients.  And of course, all this working working working took up my brain space during the day and my time at night so no blogging.  But, I am hoping now that the frantic rush to get ready for clients is over that I will be able to find balance and go back to my blogging ways.  It does seem that I will have to let go of my compulsion to gain new readers and break the previous month's number of site hits 

But, balance.  I am searching for balance.  And some things will have to be released.  But, blogging is not one of those things.  I have too much to say.  And, it's killing me keeping it all to myself.

So...if you are in the area, I am a doula!  It's official. 

And we are expecting a baby.  And planning another homebirth.  And indulging in copious amounts of dairy now that Liza has outgrown her dairy sensitivity.

Life simply doesn't get any more exciting.


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Amanda Klinkenberg said...

Congrats, Laura!  I've been wondering where you were.  You have so many exciting things going on and your happiness just leaps off the screen.  Many happy congrats to you!  

Jennifer Nanney said...

oh my goodness! i am SO happy for you and your bunch! Congrats on baby and being  30 (it's really a pretty great age;) AND your new business! i am so impressed and so happy for you!

hobomama said...

Yea! So exciting.

Becky Leverett said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful month!!!

Deedee said...

So excited for you!!!  You will be a great Doula!!  So happy you will be adding an another little one to your sweet family!!  deedee

Elizabeth P said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! So exciting! 

LT said...

Yay!!! congrats to the dearmans!!!! :)

Rebecca said...

Congrats!  I'm so happy for you and your family.  Also, congrats on becoming a doula.  I'm impressed and truly happy for you.  I know that if I had a doula Natalie's birth would've been very different.  Maybe I'll fly you out for the next one (yes, I'm already thinking of the next one 4 weeks postpartum).

Nicole Hunt said...

Yeeeee! Congratulations on all fronts!!  So thrilled for you :D

Lane said...

Oh my goodness! Congrats on all of it!!! So exciting! :)

Kyleigh Gray said...

Happy belated 30th Birthday!
Congrats to opening your business!
Congrats on your expectation of a 3rd little one on the way!
WHAT, a huge month for you and for your family. So very happy for you.
If you need anything send me an email or message.