Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spank this cute girl?

I've been mentally composing a post about my thoughts on spanking for days.

It's coming together nicely in my brain but now that I've announced it, I'll probably never write it.
I've noticed that trend here on OMML.

So, if the promised post never appears,
I'll leave you with my thoughts on spanking in a nutshell.


And, yes, absolutes in parenting are possible.


Ivey Ivy said...

in a nutshell... love it

LauraOMML said...

Thanks, Ivey!  How could anybody hit a baby so cute?

Ccr627 said...

Yeah, I did some research last month on the topic and I will never spank my girls again and convinced the hubby not to either :)  It only happened a handfull of times, but it didn't feel right any of them.  I'm getting better every day at listening to my inner voice.

LauraOMML said...

You know, we certainly did things when Henry was a baby that are not the way we do things now.  Learn better and do better.....and I'm glad your husband is on board!