Thursday, December 15, 2011

A morning in dirt.

Can you tell they spotted the same toy?

I was a bit worried we were going to have a replay of The Bite
but I decided to keep snapping pictures and see how they work it out.

I was pleasantly surprised.

See Henry offer a trade?

Random hand-me-down Star Wars toy accepted.

Without any drama.

Now to continue with the important matters at hand.

Playing in the dirt.

Getting dirty.

And looking cute.


Mollyandollie said...

I haven't been in blog land for a long time...Your children are getting sooooo big!!! I love dirt play and so does Mr Oliver. hope all is well with you and yours as you approach the holiday! We are still waiting for baby #2. Hoping against all odds for the BP to stay down and the possibility of a home birth to stay up!!

Laura @ Our Messy Messy Life said...

Hey Molly! I saw Jessie the other day and she said yall are still waiting :) I'm sending you lots of love and hbac good wishes!