Thursday, December 29, 2011

Henry at 3.5 {video}

Henry is (almost) 3.5 years old.  He is a busy little boy and always on the go.  Literally.  He never stops.

His favorite things are:
-playing in the dirt and mud in our unplanted garden
-reading books, lots and lots and lots of books
-playing with his sister, I thought the day would never come!
-doing the opposite of what I ask him to do
-talking about and being with his Dada
-dinosaurs, we are still very much into dinosaurs and he is quite knowledgable about the topic

He is going to speech therapy for 30 minutes a week and we are working on his /f/ and his /c/ sound.  The perfect example of his mispronunciations is how he says "fork" as "tort".

2t fits him perfectly, although he still wears some 24 months and 18 months pants as highwaters.  He is a teeny little thing.

He loves loves loves life!  And, we love love love him!

Here he is "reading" to Liza.
He has finally realized he can sing along to songs and retell stories of books he is familiar with.
Of course, he doesn't perform well on video but he is so cute in his mismatched too short pajamas.


BrownFamily said...

super cute video!

LauraOMML said...

Testing my new comment system!

Thanks, Andrea!!!!  I was just checking out your broken crayon crayons.  Very cool!

LauraOMML said...

Just realized I didn't actually reply to the comment which is the whole point of changing this up :)  Still testing...

Courtney said...

OMG, I love love love Henry's little voice and his sweet southern accent!! How cute is he?!?!?!

LauraOMML said...

Thanks, Courtney.  He is cute!  And, ridiculously southern sounding......

dd said...

I love that!!  They are so sweet together!  I never realized before having my kids how cute siblings are together.  That sounds dumb! =)  We are having trouble with not pronouncing S in the front of words.  It makes it really hard sometimes.  dd 

Lindsay Tennant said...

ahhhhhh he's so southern too!! bless! :) This makes me excited for the next one to be born. They are so cute together!

By the way: instead of being on facebook, I just read your blog. :) HAHA

LauraOMML said...

Aren't they cute together?  I would love to see yours in action!  Henry has taught Liza all about being possesive with her "her" toys just like he is with "his".  Are yall battling that as well still?  

My niece is almost 3 and having issues with leaving the s off the front of words.  Her speech therapist sil told her that is not a developmentally expected until more like 4-5. 

LauraOMML said...

I was glad to see your comment!  I've missed you on BookFace :)  And, yes, he is so southern!  It is almost ridiculous.   Your babies will be precious together!

dd said...

He isn't too possesive of his toys.....kind of possesive of me if he sees her sitting on my lap then he tries to pull her off and stuff.  So far she is the only one really going "min, min" 
That is good to know about the S been left off but I hope she soon starts ...It so hard with the two languages and me not being fluent.