Friday, December 23, 2011

Liza at 16 months {video}

Liza is 16 months old and I'm pretty sure she thinks she is 16 years old.  

One word best describes her:  
Sassafrass....through and through.

She has more words than I could possibly list but her favorites are:
hot - she loves to blow on "hot" food
cat - her first word at 7 months old is still one of her very favorites
jump - as she is about to jump off a chair into your (hopefully) waiting arms
chick chick - our chickens
bath - mention a bath and she is tearing at her clothes ready to get in the tub
wawa - this girl finds pictures of water in every book we read; she also refers to her milk as "wawa" which is a bit insulting in my book...
choo choo and di - trains and dinosaurs are her favorite toys; can you tell she has a 3-year-old brother?
mine - an often used word with that pesky big brother always around
dirt - she doesn't like dirty hands but she is just fine covered in dirt from head to toe
Mama and Dada - she is a fan; trust me

Liza signs some but she now prefers to use her words.   
Her current favorite signs are:  more, monkey, elephant, fish

Please excuse my obnoxious high-pitched voice. 
I don't sound like that normally.


dd said...

Enjoyed the video!! She has lots of words. K doesn't say that much...really only maybe 3. dd

Lindsay Tennant said...

You are SOSOSOSOSO southern and I love it :)

LauraOMML said...

Your baby is also learning two language....Lulu is just learning her southern fried English :)  And, Henry probably didn't even have 3 words at this age.  The difference is amazing between the two.

LauraOMML said...

Ha!!  I promise I'm not so high-pitched.  I'm much cuter in person.