Monday, October 17, 2011

Favorite Food Documentaries.

I feel like I am forever picking up new soapboxes.  I feel too strongly about entirely too many topics but here I go again.....

Sustainable farming.

In the past, it seemed like such a vague term.  Sustainable farming.  It also seemed pretty BSy because why wouldn't farming be sustainable?  Plant a seed.  Pick your crop.  Plant a seed.  Pick your crop.  It seems pretty self-evident.

I was wrong.  

Very wrong. 

But, what's new about that?


While my brain is still working out the details for an upcoming post comparing sustainable farming practices to everything else I love in life, i.e. natural childbirth, breastfeeding and babywearing, I present to you a list of food documentaries (some are more devoted to sustainable farming than others....) for your viewing pleasure:

FRESH is only available via their website, The Future of Food is on Hulu and the remaining films are on Netflix Instant Viewing.

Let me know if I am missing a good movie!  


allnaturalmama said...

I have seen all of them except fresh and they are definitely an eye opener

...sarah. said...

I'm right there with you! There's always something to get mad about, and I truly try to pick my battles. I try to keep the negativity as far away from my daily life as possible: I don't want to always be mad at the way things are and for my kid to absorb the anxiety of it all. But some things, you just can't play Pollyanna to for very long!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

allnaturalmama - We watched FRESH at a public showing in our town hosted by a local sustainability institute.

Sarah, I actually think I'm more sad about our country's food situation than mad. People that know and care can take steps to make healthy food a priority in their lives but most people don't care and choose not to learn about how food affects their bodies and their lives. And, it makes me sad :(

Taylor Dearman said...

Check this out:

A national conference seeking to end factory farming!

Jamilie said...

Thanks for the list! It was a true eye opener when I saw Food Inc a few weeks ago!

Mandi @ Living the Good Life said...

I LOVE future of food... I think that and the book "fast food nation" (which has a movie as well) is what really got my lifestyle off and going. Someone gave Will and I a copy of FoF when it first came out simply b/c it was made by Jerry Garcia's former wife and they knew we loved anything grateful dead. Funny what that movie did to mold my life...Then there's the food docs like "blue gold" about our water supply and "supersize me" about fast food, too... I can go on and on!! One I haven't watched but was on my "suggestions" from Netflix is "ingredients". It looks pretty good!