Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hold her I will.

A repost from last fall in honor of International Babywearing Week.


I wear my baby when.....

I want to cherish every moment of her babyhood.

She needs to sleep.

She is awake and grumpy.

We are grocery shopping.

We take walks around town.

I am cooking supper.

Her brother is acting crazy and wants to lay on top of her.

I need two hands.

I wear my baby because...

You can never spoil a baby by holding her too much.

She likes to be reminded of her 40 weeks on the inside.

She is my best accesory-
we almost named her "diamond studs".

She is still small enough to be worn nonstop.

I know she is safe and content when she is tied to me.

My movement helps develop her vestibular system.

I have a million reasons for wearing my baby.

But, really, they aren't even important.

She wants to be held
hold her,
I will.


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Holly Claire Bigness said...

I love this post! I wore Lera in a maya wrap for the first 6 months of her life almost nonstop!