Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Call me Oprah - kitchen edition

Call me Oprah.

Here are some of my favorite (kitchen) things:

11 inch Cuisinart Pro Series food processor.
Love this thing and I have no idea how I lived with a dinky little food processor for so many years.  
My mother was right; I needed the big one.
Hummus.  Smoothies.  Veggie purees.  Bread and pizza dough.
The list goes on and on.

Le Creuset cast iron griddle.
My mother picked up this deeply discounted gem at a Le Creuset outlet store.
Eggs.  Pancakes.  Grilled cheese.  Duck in a Bucket.
Like the food processor, lots and lots of uses.

Mixing bowls!
I have the whole set but the other 3 are dirty and I was too lazy to wash them for the picture.
I bought these at my local charity thrift store for $10.
They make me feel like a chef and they make me sad for people who mix without the proper equipment.

My Tivoli radio resides in my kitchen so I can listen to NPR and Dave Ramsey.  
If I'm in the kitchen, it's on, so it's a kitchen tool in my book. 
 And, please notice how real I'm keeping it.
 Like my mess?

The spray bottle might say Simple Green but this is
Thank goodness it's a favorite thing of mine because something always needs cleaning this house.  
Our house is a house of sticky messes and puddles of undetermined origins.  

What are your favorite kitchen accouterments?


Laurin said...

shoot... i saw that food processor at Dirt Cheap but I talked myself out of it because it was too big! Bad decision.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Very bad! It's awesome! I liteally used it 3 times today.