Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what? another post?

Today's original post was written during a time of great despair -- baby's refusal to nap. Now, I feel obligated to report on the remainder of the day's nap. Ready?

1. Nap 1, aka 1st post of the day, 9:00- Looking back, this nap was destined to fail. I was pushing Henry to stay awake in order to make the Tiny Tots program at the library at 9:30. Big mistake. He had been yawning and rubbing his eyes for 20 minutes before I finally realized that I should just go ahead and put him down for a nap. An hour of fighting sleep later, he was asleep for his customary 45 minutes.

2. Nap 2, 12:00 -Henry fell asleep in the car after a trip to Kroger and Dirt Cheap. I suppose he was still exhausted from his morning nap because he pretty much stayed asleep as I got him out of the car, nursed him, changed his diaper, and layed him in his crib. Asleep for 45 minutes.

3. Nap 3, 4:00- I have been pushing this late afternoon nap since I started picking up the girls from school after Christmas. Today, he actually cooperated. Asleep for 30 minutes.

4. Bedtime, 6:00- Personally, if I had only been awake for an 1.5 hours I wouldn't have been ready for bed but this baby certainly thought he was....until he was dressed and ready, whereupon he decided to wake back up. But alas, 30 minutes and some crying later, we have sleep.

Reflection upon today's sleep situation: It's really not so bad. After writing it down, I realize he sleeps more than I give him credit for.

What is the new problem at hand? You are probably asleep if you actually read this incredibly boring post about my child's sleep habits....


The Quinns said...

i read it and it did not put me to sleep a bit- of course this comes from the woman who could wax poetic for 30 minutes on my childs eating AND sleeping habits, or the lack there of!

Melanieshea said...

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Thanks for entering!

Tassie said...

When you have a baby, all things are important....diaper reports, napping schedules, and the interpretation of baby gibberish all become order of the day!