Friday, March 27, 2009

I made the team.

Baseball practice was alot of fun. We practiced hitting homeruns, sliding into home base, and catching pop flies. It was fun hanging out with all the other baseball players. Coach told me that I will be a starter next season, so I need to make sure I drink alot of mama's milk to get my muscles and bones ready for all that hard work. Yeah, I did miss my mama during practice but she was watching from the stands and she always waved at me when I looked her way.That made me a feel a little better about not having her right next to me.
Gotta go!
 Daddy wants to play catch in the back yard.


theelliottfamily said...

Cracking me up!

childsplay said...

that's so cute...I love how he is chewing on pine straw - can't wait to see ya'll soon in S'ville!