Monday, March 2, 2009

New Orleans in Numbers.

6 - friends.

14 - children left at home with fathers and grandparents.

2 - nights in New Orleans.

6 - am bedtime Friday night. Or should I say Saturday morning?

10 - pm bedtime Saturday night.

1 - pitstop at Target in Hattiesburg.

97 - conversations about our children.

267 - times I threw my arms in the air and yelled "Woo! Spring Break 09!" on Bourbon Street.

48 - times we toasted ourselves at Pat O'Brien's piano bar.

1 - frequently used Medela Pump in Style

6 - gas station bathroom breaks.

1,863 - laughs.

4 - trips to the Royal Sonesta Brunch buffet for more food.

1- chance encounter with a long-lost friend at Stuckey's in Hattiesburg.

0 - complaints.


Clint, Teri and Dax said...

Okay, what's your secret. You have the cutest posts! Tero

theelliottfamily said...

Is it wrong that I am jealous of this post? I am assuming Henry (or should I say, Taylor) survived. Love it!

The Sherman Family said...

I get to go down with some friends this weekend! You've made me even more excited.