Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Proud Mama

Henry hasn't slept his straight 9.5 hours again, but I do believe that only waking up to eat twice in the middle of the night at 8 weeks is still a brag worthy accomplishment. Goes down at 7:30, eats around midnight and again around 3:30, and ready for the day at 7:00. Can you tell that I think my baby is pretty much perfect?? Yes, I realize his perfection phase will not last forever but......

Baby and I had a very nice extended visit with my parents. We watched a massive amount of FoxNews.....politics and the economy, we ate alot of good food, shopped ALOT (it's pretty funny to me that I bought one shirt for myself, yet Henry rounded out his winter and springtime wardrobe,) and we spent a day at the Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival eating more funnel cake. My mother and I spent a large portion of each day discussing how cute Henry is and admiring his strong little legs. It's been decided that his Olympic event will probably end up track and field although he will most likely have the ability to win a gold medal in a variety of events. He is quite talented.

I did not do good taking pictures during our week in Foley...not a one, I apologize to all interested parties. Henry doesn't even have photographic evidence that he attended a winning MSU game. Bad mama.

Did you notice my pretty new header? My new obsession is -- it makes me feel like a technologically gifted artist. I like how it makes me feel talented with so little effort exerted.

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Jodie said...

Hi Laura! Glad Henry is doing so well. Porter is sleeping well to, 2 feeds a night four hours apart. Not too shabby. So funny to hear about your Foley visit. We went there all the time as kids. I want to check out the scrapblog! I love your blog page! Take care!