Monday, October 20, 2008

Band-Aid Baby

As previously posted, Henry is now two months old. In lieu of this landmark, he had his two month check up and first round of immunizations today. The shots were fairly traumatizing for all involved parties but we survived and Henry seems to be dealing quite well. Dr. Shirley confirmed his perfection after a very thorough examination. He now weighs 12lbs and 2oz and is 23 inches long. He is in the 50% percentile in height and 75% percentile in weight and head circumference. To quote my mother, "He sure is a heavy 12 pounds." Agreed.

The doctor appointment disrupted his afternoon naptime and he immediately fell asleep in my arms once we got home. Since I was feeling a little sorry for him, I kept him in my arms and didn't put him down in his crib. Please notice the blue band-aids on his little legs.

We spent the past weekend in Jackson due to Taylor being a groomsmen in his friend Jay's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and we very much enjoyed visiting with Clinton friends.
Can you tell how much smaller Taylor is compared to the other guys??
Caine and Mandy kept Henry both nights. If I was a better logger of memories, I would have lots of cute pictures of Henry with his cousins, Jobe (2) and Emily Caine(8months). But, I'm not, so I don't....However, they are super cute kids and Jobe's name for Henry is "baby cousin." Too cute. Another first: Henry received his first wound at their house. Jobe apparently wanted to give baby cousin a toy but since Henry doesn't have the ability to grasp and hold, the toy landed on his face and scratched his nose. I told Mandy not to worry about it-- it is only a matter of time before Henry injures one of her kids.

Yes, readers, little Juhu is feeling much better. It was a tenuous time for the muttbutt but his feet and mouth have healed and he no longer is wearing the cone collar. He wanted me to thank everyone who thought of him during his difficult time.

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Lacey said...

Laura Meigs!!!!!! Oh how I have missed you!!!! I was in Starkvegas for a work observation about a month ago and I think I saw you walking the baby in the stroller down university. I slowed down and was going to stop, but wasn't sure if that was you. I hope you are doing well! I'm so glad you found me!