Monday, October 27, 2008

Go State!

Friday afternoon, Henry and I joined the Dumas family in an attempt to watch the MSU homecoming parade. Turns out that it went the opposite direction down University Drive than we predicted. So we missed that, but......the kids enjoyed the pep rally at the ampitheatre. Can't you tell that Henry is having fun cheering for the bulldogs?

Lawson Joy loves Baby Henry (their name for him!) and was thrilled that I actually let her hold him and then even more thrilled that he smiled and seemed to enjoy her company. She is going to make a great babysitter in just a few years.

Our friends, Emily, Brad, and Graham drove up from Auburn for the weekend. I thouroughly enjoyed catching up with Emily and admiring how big Graham has grown.

Saturday night was cold!! Henry is all bundled up under the blanket. Turns out he is completely covered up in all the pictures from the tailgate.

Graham, Emily, me, otherwise occupied Henry, and Hope

Henry loves his playmat...he now enjoy playing by himself, kicking and hitting at the dangling toys. He has yet to make contact with the toys, but his arms are still pretty short. I took advantage of his busyness to try out some of his bigger winter clothes.
Camo pants. Cute or rednecky?


theelliottfamily said...

Several comments...
I LOVE the picture of Lawson Joy with Henry. She is so precious! Hope is lucky!
Camo pants, adorable! They aren't rednecky until he is older.
I wish I had known Emily was in town, I would have loved to have seen her!

The Quinns said...

Hey Laura-- I'm so glad you found me! I just realized I never replied to your comment bc I checked it as i was heading out but I have been enjoying keeping up with your fam! Henry is precious and your commentary hilarious! Glad we will be able to keep up!! Catch you later- Elizabeth