Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fair Food, Naps, and Babywearing

Taylor, Henry and I are spending the weekend in Madison with Carla, Taylor's mom....maximizing our time with her before she goes back to India for a few months. So sad...

Anyway, we DID the fair to the max today. 11 am-4pm with 3 babes and way too much junk food. I alone ate a corndog, roasted ear of corn, funnel cake, lots of taffy, a root beer float, and cotton candy. And, yes, I actually did throw up a little as we were finally walking back to car.

Henry and Emily Caine enjoyed their first Mississippi State Fair, sleeping and sweating in their respective strollers. Jobe had a blast...he rode the Dragon Wagon all by himself, talked about the bee ride extensively, and ate almost as much junk as I did.

Taylor and I spent Friday morning in Yazoo City with my grandparents, Pat and Dibbus. They are doing well and I certainly enjoyed Dibbus' oohing and aahing over my pretty baby. Taylor is teaching Henry the proper protocol of a visit to Yazoo....eating lunch and then taking a nap.

Seven years ago, Taylor bought this wrap in Germany for his friend Jeffrey in celebration of the birth of his eldest son, Luke. Those German babies all wrapped up must have really caught Taylor's eyes for his 21 year old self to notice and actually purchase a wrap for his friend. So, Jeffrey brought us his wrap last weekend and now I am practicing the ancient art of babywrapping.
Henry loves being so close to his mama and immediately falls asleep in his wrap. We have walked all over the Cotton District wrapped together and it certainly makes blogging easier when you actually have two hands to work with.
And, yes, he can breathe just fine.....the wrap is pulled up so high to support his head as he sleeps.

Mandy tried the wrap out on Emily Caine and I think both were quite happy with the results!
I am looking so very much forward to a long visit at my parent's house...... my sweet mother and father, shrimp poboys, shopping at the outlet mall and Pots and Pottery, sitting on the beach in the afternoon, the Shrimp Festival, etc. Surely we will get some cute photos to post from all those impending activities...

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theelliottfamily said...

LAURA!! I am so glad that you have a blog. I have been such a terrible friend that I haven't been by! This way, I can keep up with Henry! I am adding you to my list!