Thursday, July 21, 2011

fighting stains.

I am thrifty. 

Out of necessity and for the sheer love of thrift.

So this bar of Fels Naptha soap makes me way too happy.

This $1.50ish bar of soap is almost 3 years old.

Love the reusing.

And, since it comes in minimal packaging, you can definitely call it precycled.

Love it.

I keep it wrapped up in this rag and it sits on top of the washer waiting for the next stain.

Which is never far away.

If I think about it, I wet the stained clothing item and give it a good scrub with the soap bar before it goes into the washer.  But, usually, I give things a look over after they come out of the washer. Then, I scrub down the stained clothes and throw them in the washer for the next load.  

It couldn't be easier.
Or cheaper.

Other mamas might brag about miracles stain fighting products but 
in my not-so-humble opinion, I think Fels Naptha should give me monetary compensation for all the times I talk about how great their soap is for getting out stains.

What do you use to get your kids' stained clothing clean?

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