Friday, June 17, 2011

sisters and choo-choos.

We finally convinced Henry his trains "live" in his room.

Liza is a little sister and what does every little sister want in life?  
Her older sibling's toys and/or belongings.

I know the feeling well as I am also a baby sister.

But, at least the prized possessions are now corralled into a manageable area making it much easier on me to monitor what toys Liza is and isn't allowed to touch.

Now that Henry is a Wal-Mart customer and owner of brand new trains and accessories, he is often found busily studying the sheet detailing all the latest Thomas characters and new bridges that is included in each new train packaging.  

After studying the sheet, he always tells me.......
"Dada gonna buy me Percy."

 Apparently, I need Annie and Clarabel and Liza needs Harold.  

Of course, all Liza really needs in life is that dammed choo-choo sheet.

So as Henry busily darts from corner to corner of his room, 
I conveniently knock over the  bowl of 'Made in China' cheapy toy handmedowns.

He sees that silly Pirate toy with a wooden leg and is distracted!

Liza senses her chance and grabs that choo-choo sheet once and for all!

Her enjoyment is short-lived as Henry knows that rustling sound a mile away but Baby Sister had the prize for at least a few moments.

And when you are Baby Sister Girl, 
you take what you can take and you get what you can get.

Such is your life.


Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace said...

So sweet. They love each other! I am very excited to learn that there is a Thomas train named "Annie", too!

The Lively's said...

Wow, that brings back memories! Warner use to "study" those sheets for hours. It always amazed me that he knew EVERY single name for EVERY single train! Your kids are adorable!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Amanda, they do love each other :)

Ginger, Taylor was just telling me how Henry can identify the trains' names even when they aren't accompanied by the picture. I guess I should thank Thomas for some early literacy skills rather than cursing him and those sheets that cause so much grief in our house.....