Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a ring sling.

I am a firm believer in having multiple baby carriers.  Different carriers are good for different purposes and different age ranges.  My favorite carrier for Liza as a teeny little newborn is not my favorite carrier for toting around my almost 3-year-old little boy and my favorite carrier when Henry was a baby is not my favorite for Liza as a baby.

A girl needs options and baby carriers are no different.

Lindsay's favorite carrier for newborns is a stretchy wrap, her Moby.  My favorite carrier for newborns is a ring sling, my Maya Wrap sling.

The sling:

Newborns and little babies sit froggy style with their entire body sitting tightly in the sling.  Around 4 months, babies lose interest in the froggy position and will prefer to sit with the sling tucked under their hiney and legs out as if you are toting them on your hip.  I prefer a ring sling for the newborn and little baby stages but Henry is still comfy in the sling sitting on my hip.  For bigger babies and toddlers, think of the sling as a third arm holding onto your precious cargo so you can have your two arms free to do your mama thing.

The rings:

See how the sling has two metal rings...hence, ring sling.  The material loops through the rings making it easy to loosen and tighten so it can adjust perfectly to the size of the wearer and the size of the baby.
The pocket:

This little pocket was a big draw for me when I was researching ring slings but it turns out I've never actually used it.  It is just big enough for a set of keys, phone and wallet.  Seems convenient enough...

Like anything in life, there is a definite learning curve with a ring sling.  But, a few whole-hearted attempts with a good video tutorial and/or in-person advice is all you need to learn how to comfortably and conveniently wear your baby in a ring sling.

And, just because like I think it's important for me to say these things a million and three times...

Babywearing is especially important with newborns because:

1. Skin-to-skin promotes milk production and a healthy breastfeeding relationship.

2. A "good" carrier mimics the mother's womb in keeping baby tight and close to the heart.

3. The constant movement of walking is good for development of baby's vestibular system.

4. There is no need to carry the hard plastic and non-nurturing carseat when you are in public.

5. People are much less inclined to touch your newborn when baby is tied to you with a piece of fabric.  Always a good thing.

6. Positional Plagiocepholy is much less a concern for babies who are worn rather than spending hours revolving between the carseat, bouncy seat and swing.

Love you baby.  Wear your baby!

This post on ring slings is part of an ongoing babywearing series:


Amanda said...

I LOVED my ring sling for my DS. I used it until he was about 9 months, then he hated the thing. He wanted nothing to do with me or a sling holding him. And he was a little heavy for me by then too. My hip would hurt when I wore him. Now that he's 2.5, I sometimes get to wear him in my Beco, but he's not really a 'hold me' kid...he's a 'by myself!' kid now :)

Becky @ The Leverett Life said...

You know how much I love my ring sling!!!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Amanda, Henry really only likes to be worn by his daddy in the Boba. He thinks I am only supposed to wear Liza :)

Becky, I know you do! Wear that baby while she is still little enough to be worn all the time!

Mandi @ Living the Good Life said...

Ring slings are definitely my favorite newborn-early infancy carrier. Hands down. It's also the only carrier I could really easily and the most successfully breastfeed while wearing. Double points!

Mollyandollie said...

I love my Maya wrap. I used it most as Oliver was able to be on my hip. Just loved it!!!