Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum

As a little girl (and still today to a lesser degree) I was plagued by allergy and sinus issues. After several very sick Christmases, my parents realized I was allergic to the Christmas tree. Therefore, fake trees. Problem solved.

Fast forward to Taylor's and my first holiday season as a grown-up (?) couple. He insisted on a real tree. I insisted I would get sick. He "surprised" me with a real tree a few days later. Where did that tree reside? The front porch. I had already decided since we were getting married exactly 1 week before Christmas and we lived in the crappiest apartment you could ever imagine that we would be having a Christmas ottoman for our presents that year. Cute idea, right?

Fast forward to our first Christmas in our much beloved house. I was on a massive search for an aluminum Christmas tree. You see, that's the kind of tree my dad grew up with in this very house and I like that. My search for an aluminum Christmas tree ended when I saw how unChristmas tree like they are. Imagine an aluminum pole with sticks pointing out in opposite directions and tinsel hanging from those sticks. Apparently cute enough to be the rage in the 50's but definitely not cute enough in 2006. So the search transformed into a search for a silver Christmas tree. Not to sound like my mother, but....I was way ahead of everyone with the very fake-looking fake Christmas tree. It was very difficult to find a silver Christmas tree in 2006. Is it a difficult find now? No. I am apparently quite progressive.

After an entirely too long discourse of my Christmas tree, you are now allowed to ooh and ahh over our tree.

Did I know that my fabulous tree would be this skinny? No.
Do I with that it were fatter? Yes.
Do I still love my tree? Yes.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog reads exactly like you talk. I can hear in my head exactly your speech patterns while I'm reading--love it!!

Your tree is beautiful and I like where you put it.

Henry looks like he's still "teezin".