Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting Better All The Time

I am constantly reminded how well-planned and much anticipated events rarely work out as expected. David gets sick and misses his first day of work ever. Henry's stuffy nose progresses into an up-all-night coughing and wheezing bonanza. The Meigs Family Christmas is cancelled. Taylor and I leave Foley in the middle of night in order to make the first appointment available at the pediatric clinic in Starkville. Henry is diagnosed with bronchialitis --fever, congestion, wheezing, and coughing. Hooray for clear ears!! It was so sad, sad, sad seeing our little boy struggling through his coughing and breathing.

A week later, we just walked in the door from his 4month well baby check up and shots. He is still wheezing a bit but the doctor was not nearly as concerned as she was last week. His shots went well and he only screamed fussed for a few minutes. As a mama, I prefer to hear only positive things about my child, so I was quite pleased when his doctor said that except for the never ending wheeze, he is perfect! He now weighs 14lbs.10 oz. (50th%), he is 24in. long (25%) and his head circumference is 42.5in. (75%)

This is how our little chicken has been sleeping since his nose has been too stuffy to breathe laying flat. He has really taken to the whole carseat-in-the-crib scheme and is peacefully sleeping in this same getup as I type. No, I do not strap him in to take naps. This nap started post-shots at the doctor's office and went straight to the crib.


lizbeth said...

I'm still sad too about our big weekend ... the pictures look great! tell that big headed boy we'll have to video cam so I can see him ... love ya'll

Laurin said...

Poor little guy and poor mama... Lennox has had bronchiolitis too AND an ear infection. Aren't they pitiful!