Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things For Which I Am Thankful

Upon making the decision for me to stay home with Henry, Taylor and I knew that we would have to pinch pennies and go without some luxuries in order to make ends meet. We have been without my paycheck for almost 2 months now and it has been just fact, it has been much better than jsut fine. Yes, we don't have much "walking around money" but when we decided for me to stay home, Taylor and I concentrated on focusing our priorities on what's really important in life.

So, because our Dearman family is so blessed, I have compiled a list of things for what I am thankful!
  • We have a beautiful home to live in for free -- thus, making so many things in our life possible.
  • Taylor has a job he enjoys, that still allows him time with his family and time for him to fulfill himself personally.
  • We have a healthy baby. What else can I say about that? THANK YOU!
  • Two fun dogs guard our house (ok, Juhu is our only protector, but Maggie sure does look pretty hanging around the house) making me feel safe in this crazy neighborhood we live in.
  • Taylor and I have traveled the world and seen so many things that give perspective to how good our life really is. I was rather bitter that I didn't have the opportunity to travel this summer but so glad that Taylor had such a good experience in Mexico.
  • Family and friends care for us and are there when we need them.
  • Our parents provided us with skills to help us develop into independent adults.
  • Taylor and I have unlimited opportunities for the future.

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