Monday, September 15, 2008

The Visiting Meigs

I warned my visiting parents that Friday night was Bulldog Bash (attendance of 15,000 last year) and that the Cotton District would be pretty crazy. But what did my mom think crazier--10 kids under 10 running in and out of my house, the mob of people streaming down University Drive, or the "nice looking kid" that we watched get arrested through the front window? I was lulled to sleep by a pounding bass line at midnight and my parents were very thankful that I finally purchased opaque curtains so that the hordes of people walking past our house could not see them ready themselves for bed.
Sorry Frank, you weren't in any pictures this time around. Henry did enjoy being held by you for lengthy periods of time!

Mama, why are you not pictured on my blog???---you refuse to pose for pictures, even with your new grandbaby. Haha, unbeknownst to you, you did make it into a few pictures...

A hand to protect his little eyes from the flash.

Her shirt is featured here.

I see a pretty diamond ring in this pic.

Henry is pretty unhappy but at least his G-Mama's face made it into the shot.

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lizbeth said...

What a beautiful G-Momma. Did she pick that name?? We should probably all talk about that.