Sunday, September 14, 2008

Go State?!?!

The newly formed Dearman family of three attended their first tailgate at the MSU vs. Auburn football game. As usual, I procastinated making my tailgate food until the last minute and was very glad that my mom was here to help ice all those damn tiny cupcakes, while I chopped, blended and rolled up food items for a large part of Saturday morning. We are still adjusting to how everything takes longer with a small baby in tow, so Taylor started getting our cooler packed and stroller ready several hours in advance. Finally, we were ready to stroll down University Drive (at least we don't have to worry about parking!)to visit with friends and root for the dogs!

Did I care that we lost the game 3-2?? Not a bit....I was perfectly content that we had a nice breeze, good beer to drink, and a happy baby to show off.

AND, most importantly, I was happy that Henry SMILED A REAL SMILE for the first time ever! Not a I'm pooping smile, not a REM sleep cycle smile, not a grimace in disguise smile, but a I'm looking at my mama smile! Of course, I have to thank our friend Tim for prompting the smile by talking so sweet to the baby but it was me, and not Tim, that Henry looked at as he we are just waiting on smile #2.

Isn't he cute in his new MSU outfit?

Rebecca finally met Henry!

Annelise is definitely cute enough to be Henry's first girlfriend.

These Dearman boys sure do like to snooze at MSU football games!!! Henry has an excuse--he's just a baby. But, what's Taylor's excuse?!?

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