Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sleep, The Biggest Loser, Trash to Treasure, and Dogs

Just yesterday, my mom and I were discussing how 'they' say that when babies reach 6 weeks old, a parent can expect their baby to sleep 5-6 hours in one stretch at night time. I told her that I felt that longer sleep stretches were eminent because lately he isn't very hungry when he wakes up in the middle of night. We laughed about getting excited about 5 straight hours of sleep, whereas not too long ago, I thought I needed a solid 9-10 hours of sleep to function the next day.

Can you believe that the very same night, Henry actually slept for exactly 5 hours???

He was asleep in his crib at 8:30...about an hour later than his usual bedtime because The Biggest Loser was on and I LOVE that show. Enjoy this irony-- I couldn't go on a walk last night because I didn't dare miss a moment watching other people exercise and because I was vegging on the couch, I ate about a dozen peanut butter cookies. Maybe the show isn't as motivating as I always believed...

ANYWAY, Baby Henry slept from 8:30 to 11:45 AND then from 11:45 to 4:45!! A major event in our lives!

I refer to Henry's hair style as his "old man fringe." People tell me that babies typically lose the hair they are born with---I am still anxiously awaiting that day!

He has gotten so strong--holding up his head and supporting his weight on those skinny little legs.

Bath time is no longer an emotionally draining event. The screaming has stopped but his serious nature remains.

Taylor and I always look forward to the end and beginning of each semester....when students move, students throw away alot of good stuff! In the past we have done pretty well looking through the trash of the Cotton District -- huge stacks of magazines, my full length mirror, dry erase board for my classroom, two bar stools, etc. But, the crown jewel of our curbside pickups is our new coffee table! Taylor sanded off the fraternity letters and ugly 1970's stain, painted the table the same red color as our dining room, and voila.....

Our dogs love each other.

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The Davis Family said...

I want to get my hands on that precious little baby!

I am thankful you found us!!

Lots of love-