Sunday, November 17, 2013

To TV or not to TV?

Many moons ago I wrote about why we don't have a TV and why I think children's programming is basically the devil incarnate.

Then Liza stopped napping at 18 months.  I had a 3.5 year old and an 18 month old.  Napless.

Then I got pregnant.
First trimester.

Then I miscarried.
Then I fell in the pit of despair.

Then I felt better.

Then I got pregnant again.
First trimester.
Second trimester.
Third trimester.
Immediate postpartum.

Basically, life happened and we watched Netflix.  Lots of Netflix.  The rule was always we only watch from 1-3.  However, my kids can't tell time and there is a pregnancy clause allowing for extra toon time on account of my need to nap on the couch.

My silly little list of 10 things all about me on Facebook mentioned that my kids haven't watched cartoons in a week and it makes me feel like Super Mom.

Because Mary Beth asked:

It all started with 2 bratty acting little children at the park.  Not playing, just bothering people.  Big kids.  Little kids.  Parents.  Me.  Each other.  They were bothering everybody.

On the ride home, Henry blamed Alvin and the Chipmunks for the poor choices he made that day.

Fine!  No more cartoons!!!!!  *Tears of disbelief*

I stuck to it....even though day 2 of the detox was the worst....let me say it myself:  Hallelujah!  My kids are playing much more imaginatively, not nearly as much screaming and fighting and everyone is more amenable to helping around the house.

I've always said that their work is to play.  And now they are hard at work 100% of the day.  Including a rest time which is incrementally longer every day.  And it all makes me feel very homeschooly and I like that feeling.

Except, you know, for today.  A rainy Sunday is surely worth two full-length Disney movies?

Yes, we thought so too.

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