Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Surely I'm Not the Only Mama Who.....pt.2

1. Realizes her pajamas are dirty because she has been wearing them for 3 straight days.
2. Pulls a digital thermometer, a baby sock and a wet clump of cereal out of her Dyson vacuum cleaner after noticing the suction wasn't quite up to par.
3. Has a backyard that looks like a daycare with all the riding toys.
4. Manages to cook a delicious black bean soup out of a totally empty refrigerator the day before payday.
5. Keeps putting clean and dried random socks back into the washing machine because they don't have a match.
6. Is ready for a certain little 18 month old to become more independent at the park so I can rejoin the ranks of the mamas who sit their butts on a bench.
7. Cuts raw vegetables into teeny tiny little cubes and calls them "baby food" for her baby loving children.
8. Has a son who insists on eating an unwashed red bell pepper in the grocery store.
9. Is shocked about how many people question her about how her son is eating a "hot pepper".  It was so obvious we live in the unhealthiest state in the country.
10. Only reads the first sentence of each page on books I don't like or I am tired of reading on repeat.  Works every time unlike the old turn a bunch of pages at once trick.

Am I the only one?


Alix said...

I definitely wear my clothes for several days at a time. Normally I notice that they need to be washed around day 3 or 4..

Elizabeth said...

LOL - I'm right there with you on almost all of these especially number one and number three! I'm afraid people are going to stop and ask if I'm having a garage sale b/c of all my toys out front.

Deedee said...

#9 is my MIL she insist that red bell peppers are hot.  She use to pick them out of my kids food and say stuff to them.  Just because she doesn't like them I don't want that rubbing off on my kids.  They are so good for them =)  Deedee