Saturday, February 11, 2012


1.  I've been cleaning and organizing.  Therefore, not blogging.  Not sure why the three are not compatible for me but it always works that way.  On the upside, I've made some much needed extra cash by selling things straight out of my kids' closets and my kitchen cabinets.  Very nice indeed.

2.  Since deep cleaning and organizing is a notable event in my life, I shall expound:  kitchen was completely cleared out, scrubbed and reorganized.  Liza's crib was sold, her crib mattress situated next to my mattress and her room is our new playroom!  This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time and it was totally worth the wait.  I feel like our little playroom is our little unschool classroom of sorts.  The linen closet was decluttered and totally reorganized back into working order.  Aaannnddd,  I took a massive amount of my summer clothes to our local ladies consignment store.  It's been a busy week to say the least.

3.  I've also discovered Party Down on Netflix Instant Viewing.  It's pretty much the funniest thing I've watched in ages.  

4.  So many things I want to blog about:  night weaning or the lack of, lots of good recipes, Henry's need to be wrapped up so tight and go so dark a la Temple Grandin's hug machine, more thoughts on Mississippi, a friend's Hypnobirthing hospital birth story, a video of Liza spinning like a mad woman in the doorway mounted baby bouncer, a detailed explanation of different maternity care providers, the list goes on and on.  Yet, here I am blogging about blogging.  Very strange.

5.  This morning I made my first 'life map' or 'treasure map' with a lovely group of diverse women.  Not only was it enriching to spend my morning with like-minded women but I truly feel more secure in my current place in life.  I fully intend on taking an artfully composed photo of my (non)artistic lifemap but it didn't happen today so I don't dare write about the experience without the accompanying photo.  Yep.  Still blogging about blogging.

6.  I am ready to let Henry and Liza try sleeping together in Henry's big bed at night so we asked Henry his thoughts on the situation.  He was very very excited until Mr. Messy said that would mean he wasn't in the bed to snuggle and hold him tight.  That little boy's face fell in an instant.  He was so sad thinking about not snuggling with his dada all night long.  Of course, this led to the conversation about how Mr. Messy really should step it up and sleep with both kids at night.  A girl can at least dream about occupying the whole bed to herself, right?

7.  I have a cosleeping injury -- apparently, I'm not quite finished with #6 -- my left arm aches and aches and pretty much no longer properly functions.  This achey ache combined with my non-functioning left baby holding elbow makes easy activities difficult.  This is no longer new news to my family so I will likely feel the need to talk more about this in the future before it becomes old news to you too.

8.  My arm still hurts.


alisha.landry said...

We're Party Down fans, too. 

Kelly Aldridge said...

Elbow injury.... i feel you!!! Luke is teething and he nurses ALLLLL night long. I sleep with arm under my head and it kills my elbows!!! There has got to be a better way, right?!?!