Saturday, August 28, 2010

A birthday party with cousins.

For months I planned on having a big birthday party at the park to celebrate Henry's 2nd birthday. I knew we would have a newborn in tow but I was convinced that she would come early or at least on her due date. Little did I expect her to be born 9 days past her due date.

Around day 5 of those 9 days, I decided to cancel the birthday party. Let's just say that spirits were low and I was convinced I would be pregnant forever so a 2nd birthday party was not high on my list of priorities.

Word of the cancelled party didn't make it to Henry's cousins, Emily Caine and Jobe, so Taylor's mom brought them to Starkville for the day to have a birthday part for Henry and to meet their newest baby cousin.

Henry was a pro at blowing out candles on his cake by the times this party rolled around! Notice the great look of seriousness and conviction he musters in order to blow out his candles.

"Show me your birthday card."

While Carla rocked Liza and I relaxed in peace and quiet, Taylor played with the kids in our baby pool in the back . The boys were pretty rough in the pool so Emily Caine spent most of her time exploring our backyard and checking out Henry's toys.

Think Henry is having FUN?!?

Like I said, the boys were playing rough in the pool! Jobe is the sweetest big cousin to Henry. Even though he wanted to "fight" and splash like crazy, he always made sure that Henry was safe and happy in the water with him. Henry could not ask for a more thoughtful big cousin!

Carla, thank you for Henry's Mickey Mouse party! He had a blast and I'm glad his cousins were here to share the excitement. As always, you are very special to us!

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