Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our budding designer.

For months, Taylor has gotten up with Henry in the morning. This arrangement works out well for everyone -- I get to sleep as late as possible, Taylor gets one-on-one time with his favorite little man and Henry gets to spend time his favorite person in the world. A win-win situation for all.

Taylor's parents bought Henry these nifty little block when they kept him the weekend of Liza's birth. My method of playing with blocks is to stack them up and call it done but Taylor builds the most amazing airplanes and intricate structures. Thankfully, Henry takes after his daddy in the architecture department.

While Henry is still very into firetrucks and all things "woo woo", he is very intrigued with trains. Here he is posing next to a "choo choo" he built all by himself. Notice all the passengers aboard his train. The train engineer is a brass dog that he dearly loves.

You can also make trains with Silly Bandz......

And, last but not least........who knew a train could consist of shoes and a sock monkey?

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Anonymous said...

My oh my, what will he engineer, organizer, visionary, designer or perhaps an architect. Meme