Saturday, August 21, 2010

A letter to my love.

Dear Henry,

You are two years old. Your daddy and I learned what it really means to love another when you came into our lives. You are a special little boy and I can't imagine a day without you in our house and in our hearts. As a tiny baby, you were so easy going. You only cried to let us know something was wrong in your little life. As a toddler, you are still very reasonable although possibly the most opinionated person I have ever known. I wonder if you will always be so opinionated or is this just another phase? You are extremely excitable and I love that about you. Your zest for life reminds me so much of your daddy. The two of you together is a guaranteed good time and I sure am glad Daddy is around so much because it's hard keeping up with you and your demanding little ways. When you were a little baby, it made me sad that you had to get big and learn how to walk and talk. But, now I love to think about the future and all the wonderful things life will bring you.

Two weeks ago, you became a big brother. I worried you would be jealous and not easily adjust to your baby sister. I was so very wrong. You loved her from your very first meeting in our bed. You are very sweet and gentle with "Lila". When we lay down in your bed to read books before naptime and bedtime, you insist on holding her hand as I read. Daddy still worries you are going to jerk her arm and send her flying but I have confidence you have more sense. You want to share your toys with her and even ate an unwanted egg because I asked you to "teach" Liza how to eat. Big brothers are important and we know that you will take care of Liza as you both grow older.

Henry, you are my first born baby and hold such a special place in my heart. I love you so much.


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Anonymous said...

That was such a sweet letter. I cried when I read it. It really brings back memories each time we added another to our family.