Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MSU Easter Egg Hunt.

We began our Easter festivities with Hope and 3 of her 4 children at the MSU President's House Easter Egg Hunt (should all of that be in caps? not sure...)
Of course, as a first time mother I had never heard of such an event but apparently I was the only one unfamiliar with the tradition. The place was hopping (!) with small children, Easter eggs, and those cakey cookies with icing on top from Wal-Mart. Yum.
Henry feel asleep in the car on the 3 minute drive to campus and slept for the duration of the hunt. But, the day was not wasted for Hope's kids. As soon as I heard that each age group had a silver and golden egg hidden, my little eyes started searching and scanning for the big prize eggs. Lo and behold, they weren't too
difficult to spot in the 0-2 age group hunt. As soon as the hunt began, I quickly guided Watkins to the silver egg! He was pretty pumped when they handed him a Easter basket filled with junk that make kids happy. Phelps, however, thought that if her twin won a prize that she deserved one as well. Too bad, I wasn't quick enough to sprint her over to the golden egg. Maybe next year.....

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lizbeth said...

that's cute Laura - and tell Hope I love that she has a blog now. CAn't wait to see ya'll tomorrow