Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look! I have 4 teeth....

Over the past several months, I have frequently commented on Henry's refusal to eat pureed foods, his pursed lips and his tears. It was very frustrating trying different flavors, textures, spoons, and locations around the house to no avail. His pediatrician agreed that an 8month old baby should most definitely be eating food.
Enter Jamie: occupational therapist and my new favorite person. She completely validated all my worries and concerns and is convinced that Henry will not only eat but he will enjoy solids very soon.
After a quick evaluation in which he cried when approached with the foody spoon, she began developing a plan to introduce him to the joys of food. Since he has an aversion to all things food, I now smear purees on his hard plastic toys. This forces him to encounter the ickiness on his hands and eventually get some of the flavor in his mouth. At first, he simply threw those toys on the ground in lieu of a clean toy but now he puts the foody toys in his mouth again and again until all sign of the puree are gone.
He is also happily eating apples in the mesh self feeder that terrorized him just a few weeks ago!
And, he will pick up and eat puffs dipped in purees.

Jamie's worst case scenario? He will be feeding himself food from a spoon in less than a month.
Best case scenario? He allow me to feed him from the spoon when we are in public.

She also commented on his need to control what goes on around him.
Do I hear "I do it myself" in my future, or what?


lizbeth said...

ummm yeah you do - he's your child right - thank goodness that isn't the phrase that I used as a child - maybe martha has some hope? instead she will just ask for a chemisty set for christmas in 2nd grade - right?

The Dumas Clan said...

Oh, Laura! The joys of motherhood are never ending, but you will be talking about this forever. I can hear it now, "Henry, I remember when we had to put food on your toys to teach you to eat and .......... " Gotta love that baby!

Anonymous said...

Best picture yet, for me at least.
"I do it myself". Love that too.
Never tell him "It doesn't hurt to ask" or he'll be like you then too and worry the horns of a billygoat (and that billygoat will be you).

I showed Jolie (the Speech Therapist that said that Henry did need to go to a therapist) his picture and let her read about his program and she agrees.

Love ya'll,

Jodie said...

Laura, I think you may need to share your experience with Emily. Graham has been a really difficult eater since he started on solids. He is very tactile defensive and I really think she and he could use the support of a therapist as well. Please contact her if you have the time.(by the way, sensitive topic)