Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Henry by the numbers.

6 ... months old today!
10...toes that he finally managed to get in his mouth all at once, just yesterday.
8....times that I laid Henry down in his crib last night, just to have him immediately wake up screaming.
1....daddy who had to take over because this mama was about to lose it.
2o...minutes of the "put-down." AKA as the amount of time Taylor slowly transitioned from rocking, to standing, to leaning over the crib, to laying him.
5...minutes of sitting up all by Henry's self yesterday.
3... different occasions I tried to entice Henry with rice cereal.
3...times he clenched his mouth tight and refused to even taste the rice cereal. Even after I used my finger and not a spoon....refusal.
9...nights we were away from home last week.
4...different locations Henry slept while we were away.
3...times he reached out to be held by his Grammy (no, not his Oscar...)
1...baby who received his first lessons in discipline (a firm "no.") after he bit his mama repeatedly while nursing. And, he learned!! No more bites in 3 days......
132,986...bumps covering Henry's very senstive skin right now.
8...aunts and uncles.
2...parents who think that their baby is the best baby in the world!


Rebecca said...

I am so glad we got to meet Henry! he is too cute. Will looks forward to many more playdates in the future:)

ps. you are so clever with your blog posts.

LT (and Max) said...

love it!

i need to hang out with henry soon.

Marilyn said...

Grammy (let's try that for a while) loves that boy.


The Quinns said...

I love the 'henry in numbers' posting- i am going to steal this idea when Chesley is older! And Henry may have made you wait for a pretty smile like you said but it sure is a gorgeous one and well worth the wait!!