Friday, February 20, 2009

Better Thoughts

After much retrospection of yesterday's doctor visit, I am feeling better about the whole experience. To be honest, the bleeding wasn't quite as bad as I described. It was just a finger prick, but it did continue to drip for a very long time and there were blood stains on his outfit. Henry's rash (which is probably exzcema, although the doctor never used that descriptor) is much better after one night of prescription cream. It now just looks more like dry skin and isn't nearly as red and splotchy. Jamie made me feel better about giving Henry the Singulair for his allergies, which I was very uncomfortable about. I hate the thought of giving Henry so many pharmaceutical products -- especially after I have been living with Taylor for so long and his many conspiracy theories! Since Henry is exclusively breastfed, I am also taking a closer look at my diet and I am drastically cutting back on wheat and gluten (no more half dozen of bagels a day for me anymore...) since wheat is such an allergen and I consume SO MUCH wheat on a daily basis.

We will get results from the lead test next week....


The Segrest Family said...

he sure is a cutie pie! let us know about the lead.
glad you are feeling better today. doctor's visits can be so stressful!

The Quinns said...

you are just being a good mama to worry but don't stress yourself out about it all too much!