Wednesday, February 11, 2009

babies, babies, babies

Martha is still precious. The new family of three came home from the hospital yesterday and the sweet baby girl was pooped....she slept in her crib for hours. She has a super girly squeal to show her displeasure at life on the outside. And, she is so tiny -- but, Henry was apparently even tinier because her 0-3 outfits already fit and Henry was still sporting his one preemie outfit to his two week check-up. I love her and will post more pictures soon!_________________________________________
I decided Martha needed to rest without Henry's incessant fussing for his mama whenever my back is turned occasional peeps, so I packed him up in Martha's cute new stroller and we walked to Lizbeth's neighborhood park. I love Tallahassee.....the entire city is filled with trees, walking trails, parks, and green spaces. Quite the departure from Mississippi.

This is the walking trail/playground/tennis court/ballfield/green space less than 5 minutes walking distance from Lizbeth's house. I tried go 'off road' to walk amongst the trees but Henry did not like all the bouncing and made his opinion known loud and clear, so I stayed on the sidewalk.
This boy loves strolling outside. and me. and all the attention I give him. and smiling at the camera. and exploring the straps on this new stroller. and this super cute outfit his Grandmama bought him.

Notice Henry's rapt attention to the left. A daddy was pushing his toddler in that swing. Not only was this man pushing his son's swing, he was also making a very loud business call on his bluetooth, totally ignoring the other other son sleeping in the stroller on the other side of the playground, and POOTING very loudly with absolutely no shame.........

By the time Mr. Pooter and family left the swings, I finally realized that Henry needed to lean forwards, not backwards, and he really started to enjoy himself.
Taylor: I bet Henry would love to have his new swing installed by the time we get back home this weekend. He is growing up fast!!


The Sherman Family said...

Okay, so the man was pooting? Not the kid? Hilarious. Love the pictures. Give your sister my love.

Anonymous said...

Henry, Meme needs a kiss!!!!!!!!!!

theelliottfamily said...

Love it and can't wait to see pics...and love the shout out to Taylor. Wonder if the swing will be installed?
See you at the Bagel shop next week!!!

The Sherman Family said...

No, you were clear...I just can't believe that a grown man was doing that in public!