Thursday, August 7, 2008

Maggie and Juhu Dearman

So, my first official post on The Dearman Family blog concerns my current favorite little Dearmans-- Maggie and Juhu. They have been two spoiled and very loved puppy dogs during their reign as our first children. But, soon (hopefully, very soon...) they will be demoted to dog status and Baby Henry will be our new #1!

Thankfully, they will still have each other and their fun times will continue... biting each other's faces off, tearing down the curtain trying to get the post man, barking at every single dog that walks on our very dog friendly street and eating cucumbers from our garden--just to name a few favorite activities that keep them busy during their long doggy days.

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Laurin said...

Laura... Henry is so cute!!! No one told me that you had a blog until now. I can't believe we both broke down and started one... now it's Lizbeth's turn. You are a much better blogger than I am, obviously.