Friday, August 15, 2008

Henry's Daddy

According to one inhabitant of the Dearman home (Maggie does not talk and is not very opinionated anyway, Juhu is only worried about food, and Henry remains in utero), Henry's Father is not very funny. Maybe. Besides a joke is not funny unless you laugh at it. I agree with that, too. Sometimes I laugh at those silly dogs. They do stupid things. But Henry's Father, Taylor, he's pretty funny. I'll sit in his lap, and he'll pet me and say funny things like, "you're the best kitty in the whole world Jimmy!" and "Wow, you shed a lot of hair Jimmy!" and I'll just puuurrrrr, which is really my laugh. He's my favorite family member (besides myself) and I think he's funny! Despite what some people say.... Puuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

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