Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lizbeth's Visit

Lizbeth came to Starkville for the weekend to visit us and meet Henry for the first time. Even though her trip was cut short by the impending storm, Taylor and I enjoyed her immensely. And of course, she was so excited about seeing her 5th nephew and practicing her mommy skills on a newborn.

Lizbeth and I took Henry to mass for the first time. I pledge that I will do my best to never sit in the cry room again. There was no possibility of paying any attention to mass with 10 children under the age of 4 running around and playing in a soundproof room. Next week, we will just have to rejoin the general church population and take the chance of having to excuse ourselves due to a fussy baby.

Jay walking with a baby!

Don't you think Henry looks pretty all dressed up in Watkins' day gown and pacifier clip. Thanks Hope!

We spent quite a bit of time trying to take the perfect picture of Henry's feet and hands. The following was my favorite of the day:

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