Monday, May 23, 2011

my cloth diaper stash.

Every piece of fluff with the exception of the prefolds was bought used. 
I like that.
A lot.

Left to Right:
top row - random microfiber inserts, pockets stuffed with microfiber, fitteds, wetbags
bottom row - toddler prefolds, infant prefolds, wool, PUL covers

1 dozen toddler prefolds, 2 dozen green edge infant prefolds, extra microfiber inserts

pocket diapers- most are BumGenius velcro one-size

my new obsession, fitteds - most are WAHMies

Wool!  If I had endless paypal money, my wool collection would be much much larger.  I am anticipating lots of wool longies under Liza's dresses next winter.  

PUL covers - these have been pretty neglected since 
I've fallen in love with the green wool soaker and the dark pink wool snap cover....
Yep.  I love cloth diapers.

And since I am publicly proclaiming my love of used diapers, 
I am totally up for trading pockets for fitteds.

Seriously.  Let me know.
Do you love cloth diapers?
Is your stash perfected?


Mandi S. said...

major love here.

I don't think my stash could *ever* be perfected, BUT this is the absolute LONGEST I've ever gone without buying the first diaper or wool something-or-other in over 4 years. What's up with that?!?!

I think I need to go browse around for Charlie a new pair of wool shorties now ...

Jodie said...

Laura, love this post! We are still using our cloth 2 in ones-Flipp, and Best Bottom-for Harper. (got them at Keely's closet) I love that her bottom is covered in chemical free organic cotton and hemp! I don't think I ever have enough but that is mostly because I'm too lazy to wash them everyday. I also found some Charlie Banana organic cotton pull-ups on for Porter that he wears at night.

joyfilled said...

Love the stash pics! I am on my 3rd cloth diapered babe in 5 years and my stash changes a bit every time (though we generally revolved around pockets- specifically FB's- for the most part).