Tuesday, April 13, 2010

our summer garden.

For the past 3 summers, we have enjoyed the fruits of Taylor's labor in our summer vegetable garden.

We are a vegetable loving family and there is nothing better than eating fresh produce grown in your own backyard -- especially when your only job is to sit on the back steps and comment that the tomatoes looked wilted and need watering or that the garden is looking a bit weedy and needs a little love.

Last summer, I decided to actively participate in tending to the herbs but after I picked every single dill sprout thinking they were weeds, I decided why mess with Taylor's heritage of solo gardening success?

Thankfully, this summer Henry is big enough to shoulder some of the gardening responsibilities:

Helping his dada plant the seeds in their little baby seed home. Henry was a BIG fan of throwing the dirt on top of the seeds.
Helping his dada push the wheelbarrow of dirt around the yard.

Watering the garden complete with his very own sound effects.

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