Monday, April 26, 2010

the good and the bad.

Henry is sick. Again.

The bad:
High fever.
Red and puffy left eye.
Nasty cough.
Sad demeanor.
Official diagnosis: clear ears and lungs with a lot of drainage

The good:
A 5.5 hour nap yesterday and we are working on hour #3 today.
He loves loves loves his mama when he doesn't feel good.

Sickness is the only time Henry watches videos at our house.
Yesterday was filled with hours of 2 minute Sesame Street clips from Hulu and YouTube.
Henry loves him some Elmo!

Notice the tongue?
He sticks his tongue out as far as he can when he sings the "la la la la" from Elmo's theme song.
Cute. Huh?

Chilling post 5.5 hour nap.
He woke up with a high temp so I stripped him down to his diaper.
Taylor was so concerned that even his toes were hot!

I am glad to report that little man is feeling much better today.

In fact, he was feeling well enough upon waking up to demand that his daddy put back on his dirty firetruck jammies he had worn the day before.
And, thankfully, he is feeling well enough so I don't have to endure another day of Elmo and gang!


The Dumas Clan said...

sorry the little man is sick! hope he is better soon. miss you and your little man! call me tonight PLEASE. my phone went to heaven last week and I lost all numbers.:( heard your phone got wet. just in case - 6170148. talk soon!

Rebecca said...

sick babies are so sad:( Will has been sick since Thurs, but now he is feeling better! YAY! But now he is obsessed with Horton...we watched a lot of movies...

Anonymous said...

I am glad he gets Elmo to cheer him up when he is down...Glad he is better too. Meme