Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bragging and Documenting

23 months......almost 2 and almost a big brother!

Henry runs his mouth nonstop, although most of it is still jibber jabber:
ba ba - bread, his favorite food just like his mama
any word that starts with a 'b' is ba, including but not limited to battery, baby, beans, bed, bath, book, Pops (a non b word and Taylor's dad)
Dada, Mama, choo choo (train), woo woo (fire truck), wa wa (water), door, dark, Yaya (my mom), woof woof (dog), cheese, chicken, shoes, bubble, ball, Jimmy (our cat), dirt, moo (cow)

He still loves his signs:
help, please, thank you, star, light, horse, cereal, cat, cow, sunlasses, hat, hungry, fire truck

His favorite foods:
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bread (many fits have started when I refuse to give him more bread), all fruit, oatmeal, cheese, edamame, cream cheese

For months I have worked with Henry to pick up his toys and follow simple commands. Taylor says that I boss him around all day and while it may seem like this to some, I now have a very helpful little person in our house. He helps put his cars/trains in the bucket, picks up his books, puts magnets on the fridge, knows exactly where his toys go on the bookshelf, puts his clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, puts diapers and various objects on his changing table, puts his shoes in his shoe basket, and puts Taylor's millions of shoes in our bedroom, helps me unload the dishwasher which is great because I don't have to bend down to get the dishes on the bottom rack and puts things in the recycling bin for me. He wants to put his dishes in the sink but is still too short!

He is still so tiny (although he seems so big until we are around other kids his age) and wearing most of the same clothes from last summer. I am very curious about his percentiles at his 2 year old appointment. Is he still hanging strong in the 5%? Like Ms. Ellen says, somebody has to be in the 5th%....

He is a joy in our lives and we are thankful for every day with our little boy! I am trying to soak up these last few days of him being our only child....

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when is his 2 year appt?