Wednesday, July 22, 2009

long time no blog.

I know. I know. It's been my longest blogging absence ever. Henry has been keeping me super busy during the day and I have been napping while he naps (not sure that rule still applies at 11 months) and just plain lazy after he goes to bed at night. With that being said, let's move on to my boy.....

Henry started walking 2 weeks ago. He is into absolutely everything he can reach with his grubby little hands. We are still in the process of babyproofing -- our guest room looks like a library storage room with books and 35 years of National Geographics piled up everywhere.

Our little boy is finally saying 'mama' and 'dada.' I am pretty sure that he knows 'dada' is Taylor but he doesn't seem to know that I am 'mama.' But, I'm satisfied that he is at least said 'mama' first even if it still doesn't have the understanding behind it. Taylor said this morning Henry said 'cat' when he opened up the back door for them to visit Jimmy the cat. I've had my suspicions that he has been saying 'kitty' for a while so I suppose 'cat/kitty' is his first real word. Pretty cute, huh?!?

He loves watching animals. When all else fails to make him happy, we will stand in the front yard and watch the college kids walk their dogs. He yells at each dog he sees. It makes me sad that we don't have little Juhu and Maggie in our lives to entertain this kid. I can just see how much he would have loved those dogs.

It's amazing watching this boy grow. He understands more everyday and is communicating in his own little baby way-- hollering, hitting the table, throwing his body down to show discontent, etc. He is also developing very strong opinions about what he wants to do and about what he doesn't want to do.

This is a pretty jumbled up post. But, I promise to do better in the future!


lizbeth said...

finally - you must have been typing as I was typing that last comment. thanks for the pics! can't wait to see ya'll soon.

The Sherman Family said...

I was beginning to wonder where you were!