Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Since you were dying to know.........

Laura, what exactly do you do all day????

5:30am - Taylor goes to work. Henry thinks it's time to wake up.
5:30-7:00-I do whatever is necessary to just get a few more minutes sleep --rock, nurse, sing, read books, play on the ground. I like to think of his musical thingy that hangs in his crib as my snooze button. Anything in an attempt to make that baby sleepy...
7:00-Henry and I get ready for the day. He plays in his doorway bouncer and I check my email and listen to NPR.
8:00-I bundle Henry up and we walk down to Taylor's workplace to say hi, drink coffee, and eat a bagel. Henry plays in his stroller and watches the ceiling fans while I read a magazine or book. It is guaranteed that I will see a friend, chit chat and receive compliments on my pretty baby. This is my favorite part of the day!
9:00-Usually we walk back home for Henry's morning nap but if it's nice outside, I like to walk downtown and windowshop. Last week, I even walked to Fred's.....just try getting to their restroom in the back of the store, maneuvering a huge stroller around huge boxes, after you drank 5 cups of coffee and a big glass of water......all the while, worrying that I will sneeze and pee on myself. But, that's just a secret worry. shhhh.
10:00-2:00-This is my time to make my rounds at Dirt Cheap and the thrift store run errands and just hang around the house playing with Henry...lot of books, rolling on the floor, practicing sitting up all by himself, chewing on anything he can get his hands on, listening to animal sounds on the see 'n say, etc. Sometimes there is a short nap wedged in between all my entertaining of the baby...sometimes not.
2:00-I pack up Henry, again, and get in the carpool lane at the elementary school to pick up my girls that I keep until their parents get off work. Henry has finally figured out that he is supposed to sleep in his carseat while we wait in line, so I enjoy my NPR classical music and a book all by myself. I'm almost finished rereading "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" a biopic on the life and times of Warren Zevon. Last week I finished a very enlightening piece of non-fiction on the nature vs. nurture debate, "The Boy Who Was Raised a Girl"...can you believe that when they accidentally burned off baby Bruce's penis during a routine circumcision they thought it was a good idea to castrate him and call him Brenda?? It's nice to roll down the windows, read, listen to the kids playing on the playground, and be glad that I am sitting in my car with Henry and not teaching small children all day long.
3:00-5:30-After the girls finish their homework, they like to walk to campus and hang out in the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, visit my friend Carmen, go to the park, or reminisce about fun times from the summer. I told the little one that I am going to find my old piano books and teach her everything I know about playing the piano -- this is pretty funny, so I know so very little about playing piano.
6:00-Bedtime for Henry....bath, rub down with lotion, clean pajamas and maybe, just maybe, a full night's sleep. But, probably not.
6:30-I finish cooking dinner, watch TV (have you noticed that TV is not mentioned at all during Henry's waking hours? I like it like that!) and maybe, drink a good beer or two.....
But, Laura, surely you left out some details of your day???

Well, yes, there is alot of nursing, rocking, and trying to coax one more nap out of Henry throughout the day.
There you have it.....a day in the life of me! It's a pretty good life, if I do say so....


lizbeth said...

I'm laughing very hard about baby brenda right now - odd, very odd - I think that people think I'm crying but I'm not - and I have your old piano books - I don't think you'll need them to teach all you know about the piano which is Aloutte (sp?)

Anonymous said...

Baby Bruce/Brenda has been the subject of one of those TV medical shows that you love---BUT IT'S ON CABLE. Actually, it may have been on Dateline or something and has found repeat heaven on cable. Is he from Canada with a gap toothed (very nice) mother?

Laurin said...

ha, ha. you are funny. I actually saw a similar case of "brenda" but it was on Law and Order: SVU, a re-run (also on cable). In this case, there were twins (a boy and girl?) and there was a crime involving DNA. Benson & Stabler were perplexed because all signs pointed to the girl? twin as the culprit... however, the DNA was male!????? Dunndunndunn.... you know the rest of the story.

oh, btw, I am a fan and was very excited to scroll down and find a new post!

The Sherman Family said...


I'm totally a fan, and I love new posts. I love your daily schedule. You get to walk so much...I'm jealous. Can't stroll a baby around as many places in Jackson.

TheDearmanFamily said...

Mama- yes, he is from Canada and judging from the pics in the book, he does have a gap tooth.

Laurin- same kid...he had an identical twin brother, making him an interesting case for the scientists.